COVID-19 Safety Plan for practices at Aldergrove Credit Union Community Center

Posted by Langley Flippers Swim Club on Sep 22 2020 at 09:18AM PDT

Please review our Langley Flippers Swim Club COVID-19 Safety Plans:

Covid-19 Return to Swimming Plan

1. All swimmers and parents are expected to wear masks at all times, except while swimming.
2. Sign-in with a coach or parent volunteer in the designated area in the open Plaza area in front of ACUCC prior to entering the pool deck. A health questionnaire will need to be answered at this time as well. Maintain 3m distance and avoid other user groups. For contact tracing purposes, attendance sheets will be kept and submitted to the TOL EOC.
3. Enter Aldergrove Credit Union Community Center (ACUCC) pool through front gate ready to swim. Please use hand sanitizer provided by the Langley Flippers Swim Club.
4. Head directly onto the pool deck. Swimmers are not permitted to use facilities to get ready for practice. Swimmers should have showered at home and arrive to the pool with bathing suits under their clothes.
5. Place belongings in the designated area on pool deck along the fence line, maintaining proper 3m distancing.
6. Head directly to the showers on the pool deck to rinse, then to assigned lanes, following the pool traffic flow.
7. Place clearly labeled water bottle and other personal equipment at the end of your designated lane.
8. Kick boards will be provided by the TOL and the TOL staff will sanitize after each use.
9. Stay in your assigned spot in the lane for the entirety of practice.
10. There will be a maximum of 4 people per lane.
11. There will be a maximum of 24 swimmers and 3 coaches on the pool deck at any given time.
12. Maintain a minimum of a 3m distance between yourself, other swimmers and coaches at all times.
13. No splashing, spitting, nose blowing or horse play will be tolerated.
14. Please limit bathroom use during practice.
15. At the end of practice, gather belongings and immediately leave the pool deck via the front gate. Change rooms will be available for a maximum of 10 minutes after practice with a limited capacity. There will be hand sanitizer provided by the Langley Flippers Swim Club available on your way out.

*No parents will be permitted in the facility or on the pool deck. All assistance required by the swimmer must be handled before entering the facility and upon exit of the facility.

**No spectators will be permitted on the pool deck.

**In the event that a swimmer becomes ill during practice, the swimmer will be asked to exit the pool and the guardian will be contacted.

**Attendance and contact information will be provided to the TOL after each practice for the purpose of contact tracing.

COVID-19 Addendum to Facility Rental Agreement (“COVID-19 Addendum”)

Dr. Bonnie Henry stated on May 16, 2020 that “COVID-19 is new for all of us”. We at the Township of Langley responded to the
recommendation from our public health officials to first close our facilities, parks, and cease offering services, and we are
now responding to the recommendation to reopen our facilities, parks, and offer services to our community cautiously, with
the safety of our staff and community being our priority. This includes permitting user groups access to our facilities, parks,
and/or programs but solely on the basis that COVID-19 precautions will be adhered to by any and all user groups and
individual participants.
COVID-19 remains a worldwide pandemic and a threat to our local health and safety. We know the following (this list is not
intended to be exhaustive):
1. The infectious agent, SARS-CoV-2, has caused cases and outbreaks of a serious communicable disease known as
COVID-19 among the population of the Province of British Columbia;
2. Our public health officials have determined this constitutes a regional event, as defined in section 51 of the Public Health
3. A person infected with SARS-CoV-2 can infect other people with whom the infected person is in contact; and
4. The gathering of people in close contact with one another can promote the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and increase the
number of people who develop COVID-19.
We cannot be certain that a person (of any age) will not contract SARS-CoV-2 at one of our facilities or parks and/or while
participating in one of our programs, but we have taken the steps required to develop our COVID-19 Safety Plan, which is
available for your review at Even though we have implemented our COVID-19 Safety Plan and are applying the
associated procedures, the risk remains that a COVID-19 outbreak could occur despite our efforts.
As the representative of a user group, you are required to read and confirm that you understand our COVID-19 Safety Plan and
that you have your own COVID-19 Safety Plan. You are required to circulate this COVID-19 Addendum to the participants in the
activity for which you are utilizing our facilities, parks, or programs. You are required to take steps to ensure that participants
act in accordance with both COVID-19 Safety Plans. Failure to adhere to the same could result in your user group’s permit,
agreement or license being revoked without refund of any fees and/or any particular person being banned from access to our
facilities, parks, or programs. These termination rights are in addition to, and not in place of, any termination rights contained
in the Facility Rental/Permit/Lease Agreement and will apply notwithstanding any terms in the Facility Rental/Permit/Lease
It is vital that:
No person who feels sick in any way visit any of our facilities or park and/or utilize any of our services or programs.
No person brings a child who feels unwell or is showing any symptoms of illness to any of our facilities, or parks, or utilize
any of our services or programs.
Any person who believes that they may have become ill or their child may have become ill within 14 days of visiting one
of our facilities, parks, or programs should seek appropriate medical attention by calling 8-1-1, your family doctor or an
Urgent and Primary Care Centre, so they can determine if they need to be assessed.
We will share personal information for the purposes of contact tracing if the need arises. To attend our facilities, parks, or
programs, all persons taking part in your activities must consent to the same.

The document 2020-08-18_COVID_Reopening_Plan_-_ACUCC.pdf was attached to this post.


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